Journey to West Serbia begins in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. This is a journey where you will meet the customs and traditions of western Serbia. Each place we visit has a unique energy and will leave you breathless.  On our journey map, the first place we will visit is the ethnic village of Terzića...

The doorway to the past Vol.2 is an unusual journey, that will take you to the mystical places of eastern Serbia. From the famous Viminacium, late lunch at the restaurant “Kapetan Misin breg”. And all the way to the medieval Manasija Monastery. National Museum in Zajecar National Museum in Zajecar is the home to over...

Explore the hidden stories and the beauty of Serbian Monasteries For many centuries, Serbian monasteries stands tall as the guardians of the tradition and past. Manasija monastery is one of the most significant monuments of Serbian medieval culture. It belongs to the so-called  “Moravian school”. which Stefan Lazarevic built it in 15 century. Immediately after...

Vineyards of Vrsac

June 10, 20191

Vrsac is one of the most visited cities in Vojvodina. The main features of this city are the tower, famous vineyards and monasteries.  The tower is located on the Vrsac bank above the city. Locals don’t know the exact time of its construction, but we can say that it was built around 15th century. The...

Pannonian Romance

June 7, 20190

The Sloven tribes settled the territory of today’s Vojvodina during the VI and VII century. Before they crossed the Danube and the Sava rivers, they were settling on the Balkan peninsula. Particularly important cultural centers were Sremski Karlovci, Novi Sad and Fruska Gora monasteries. The government restored monastery complex in the 18th century. Now it...

Red Belgrade Tour

May 23, 20190

Red Belgrade Tour is created for those who love to come to Belgrade and are interested in learning about socialist history. These may be older people, who still remember Yugoslavia and it’s President Tito. Now they want to see how things change with their own eyes. The second group is a little younger, who want...

Discover underground secrets of Belgrade. Meet the heritage left from thousands of years ago. From numerous underground tunnels, hundreds of unusual paths, secret passages, bunkers, lagoons – we choose the most interesting secret keepers for you to explore. Underground Belgrade is a new dimension of Belgrade. Don’t deprive yourself of incredible sites and historical facts...

If your idea of a perfect vacation includes being exposed to other cultures and interacting with local people, then look no further than our exclusive Museum Tour.

A Doorway to the Past

September 12, 2018

Serbia is rich with numerous top archaeological sites. Among them is the oldest human settlement Lepenski Vir, 10000 years old. In addition to spectacular discoveries in this prehistoric site, there are many Roman and Byzantine cultural monuments. The Smederevo Fortress, Viminacium, Golubac Fortress, Monasteries, Trajan’s Board and many other unique sites. Throughout the ages, Serbia was...

Exciting Belgrade

September 7, 2018

Belgrade - the city of culture, inspiration, sports and leisure, festivals and music, best nightlife and entertainment... an inexhaustible source of energy. Belgrade Glamour at the crossroads of the European revival celebrates a diverse mix of culture, architecture, the natural combination of oriental passion and European refinement. Belgrade is very much alive and full of positive people, energy, love, joy, smiles, sights and sounds. Belgrade is a city that makes everyone come back with a reason!


Exciting Belgrade


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