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Vrsac is one of the most visited cities in Vojvodina. The main features of this city are the tower, famous vineyards and monasteries.  The tower is located on the Vrsac bank above the city. Locals don’t know the exact time of its construction, but we can say that it was built around 15th century.

Vineyards of Vrsac - Serbia, Balkan -

The architecture of Vrsac abounds in various styles that carry the history of the city. Among them are the most common baroque and secession. The first exhibition of wine in Vrsac was held in the cafe “Two Keys”, 1857.  At the end of the 19th century  there were more than 10,000 ha of  vineyards in Vrsac.  There is a wine knight’s order “St. Theodor”, which got its name by the protector of the city. Vrsac harvest, known iby the locals  as “Grape ball”, has a long tradition. Every year, on the third weekend in September, there is  the traditional “Wine Fest” – a fair of wine, winegrowers and winegrowers.

The combination of peaceful Banat plains and lush greenery of the Vrsac mountains, is the main reason for the authentic and sophisticated taste of wines from this region. If we add this to the altitude of 90-250 meters and moderately continental climate, we get the ideal conditions for growing the vines.

Vineyards of Vrsac - Serbia, Balkan -


Belgrade - Vinik - Vrsac - Belgrade

Leaving Belgrade in the early morning hours. Going to the vineyards near the town of Vrsac in the Gudurica village, which is also known as the village of winedressers. Visiting Household Andras. The host will show us his cellar and plot, and he will offer us to taste the wines from the cellar and a snack. 

In Vinik, you will hear the story from the Wine Knight himself. Grand Master o Banat Wine Order "St. Theodore" - Mr. Nikola Cuculia. In the original uniform of wine order, he will taste the wine with us, and take us through the secrets of making this divine drink. 

Lunch at one of the restaurants in Vrsac. In the pleasent ambience of the cellar Djeram, excellent caterer and musicians are going to welcome our group and convey to you joyful spirit of the Banat. On the table, specialities will be selected by the hosts. Drinks are included too. 

Return to Vrsac, followed by the sightseeing of the town. It begins by visiting the Roman Catholic Church of St. Gerhard. The church was built in the area where the old church stood from the 1728. It was built in the style of Neo-Gothic atchitecture and is one of the most beautiful and biggest Catholic churches in the area. After that we are going to visit a Bishop's Palace, which was built in the period from 1757-1769, at the time of Bishop Jovan Georgijevic.

Visiting the Church of St.Nikolaj - it was built in 1785, at the same place where once stood the old church. The cross of red marble was built in the 1846 by the famous merchant of Vrsac. 

Later on, we will go to the Monastery Mesic. We'll visit the church and buy souvenirs made in the monastery workshop. 

Return to the Belgrade in the evening.

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    Great vine experience. See you again.

    July 20, 2019


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More about this tour

About 80 km north of Belgrade, on the international highway for Romania, is located Vrsac, one of the most beautiful cities in Banat. It is located in the southeastern part of Vojvodina, at the edge of the Pannonian Plain, at the foot and on the slopes of the Vršac mountains, from which fresh mountain air is lowered.

It abounds in numerous old buildings of various styles, churches and cultural institutions, preserving one of the oldest traditions among Serbian cities. Some of the main attractions of this city, which certainly need to be visited, are the Vrsac tower, a cathedral dedicated to Sv. Gerhard, Mesić Monastery, chapel of Sv. Krsta, Vladičanski castle and others. The locals are especially proud of the beautiful and modernly decorated city square, ideal for walking and relaxation, surrounded by the architecture of different styles.


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