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Balkan - Trip2BalkanThe Balkan Peninsula is located in south-eastern Europe. The history of the people inhabiting this Peninsula is turbulent and very interesting for tourists. The Balkan is synonym for deep divisions, but it is also a cultural sub-continent of Europe. It is intertwined with traces of European and non-European influences, revealing essentially a crossroads culture that was of great importance for the Balkan horizons.

Sometimes they are the best, most eagerly anticipated experiences – where you least expect them. The Balkan really enable it, through combination of a unique culture and tradition, leading to the essence of the Balkans’ lives, highlighting the inspiring, exciting, cognitive and entertaining content of the trip, which raises questions about long-accepted interpretations! You may think that you know a lot about the Balkan, but until you have stayed in one of the most attractive places in the Balkan’s countries, you really do not understand the organization of the delightful cultures and the persistence of their mysticism.

Our Balkan tours and data on this website represent a strong belief in the role that the Balkan and the environment have had during the prehistory and the emergence of civilizations in Europe and the Mediterranean, thanks to the unique geographical position “at the door of Europe” and its exceptional geographical and cultural diversity and richness.

But even when you’ve visited the Balkan, it’s still a bit hard to describe ….

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Many historians and experts, who have come to know Balkan history, believe that it is more turbulent and more dramatic than the popular “Game of Thrones” series. Wars, battles for power, historical intolerance between states, betrayals, and many other things  characterize the history of these areas.

But on the other hand, the Balkan countries are rich in historical heritage, beautiful buildings, remains of ancient cities and squares, even remains that date back to the Neolithic period which is especially interesting for tourists who visit these sites in large numbers every year.

The central importance of the Balkans is the common historical heritage of Old Europe, firmly rooted in the cultures of the ancient civilizations of the Aegean and Central Balkan, the Adriatic, the Middle Danube, the Eastern Balkans and the Moldavian-West-Ukraine area, which were significantly advanced in art, technology and remote trade and contributed essential development of the cultures of the entire European continent

Deep in our hearts, we all dream of a green and tranquil sanctuary, which is enhanced by its fresh air and clean water, still untouched by the breath of modern life. Welcome to Serbia, a land of ecological treasures, rich with incredible cultural sights and a well-preserved tradition … Imagine that you are surrounded by the Balkan wonders of nature and treasury heritage that has been preserved and nurtured since ancient times, places where you can freely climb to the magnificent top of the highest mountain in the region.

The wonderful parts of the Balkans, the vast expanse of pristine nature and the beautiful landscapes are the resources that the area of ​​Serbia and the Balkans is known for. However, you will not be familiar with this beauty if you are just lying and enjoying the view from the terrace, delicious gastronomic specialties or warm smells of the hosts. Choose some of the designed routes or trails or look for a special tour that will take you through the hidden places of beautiful mountains, dense forests, steep canyons and clean rivers of the Balkan region. Try different tastes by experiencing the magnificent Serbia and the Balkans …

Every country in the world has its own taste and smell, not only when food is concerned but also alcoholic beverages. The blood of the people of the Balkans is caught up in the spirit of the alcohol, which is pleased with it, celebrates, cries and grows. 

f a drink is in the ranking of the national treasure of almost every country in the Balkans, primarily Serbia, then it is Balkan whiskey – brandy. The word brandy is of Arabic origin and comes from the word “al-rak” (eg, sweat). The Turks brought brandy to the soil of the Balkans during the 15th century. The fruit from which the brandy is made is as follows: plum, apricot, peach, dud, pear, apple, quince, fig, cherry, cherry, raspberry, blackberry, grapes.

As in history, as in the kitchen of the Balkans, many world currents have been influenced. That’s exactly the reason for its diversity and the great number of traditional specialties it boasts. Including the climate on which we are located, the Balkan diet is diverse and caloric, and therefore rich in tastes.

Nightlife in the Balkans is, like everything else in this area, exciting and diverse. From nightclubs, rafts, discotheques to popular taverns, nightlife in the big cities of the Balkans such as Belgrade, Zagreb, Sarajevo or Skopje are never queued. For tourists who like music festivals, the Balkans is the right place, since every year big music festivals such as Beer Fest and Exit are held, and there are concerts organized in the open

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