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Journey to West Serbia begins in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. This is a journey where you will meet the customs and traditions of western Serbia. Each place we visit has a unique energy and will leave you breathless. 

On our journey map, the first place we will visit is the ethnic village of Terzića Avlija. Here we will visit the museum of Serbian history and ethnic heritage in the open and learn to make the famous pottery from Zlakusa. Try traditional specialties and relax in modern apartments in a beautiful natural environment.

Ethno village has both open-air and closed museums. Here you can see a typical rural household from the surroundings of Uzice. It dates from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. It is located not far from the center of the village, on a hill, just below the forest. “Terzića avlija” represents the former typical village yard, consisting of two old Serbian houses. One is 100 years old and built of unpeeled brick, with a roof of four water covered with old pepper tile.

A Journey to the West Serbia - Multi Day Tours - Serbia, Balkan -

“Potpeće” Cave

If you believe that the horseshoe brings happiness, “Potpeće” cave will be a special pleasure for you. Precisely because the entrance to this cave, built by the river of the sink, is exactly in the form of a horseshoe. This is a monument of nature and the most important speleological site in western Serbia. The entrance in the Cave, one of the largest in the Balkans, is over 50 meters tall, 12 meters wide at the bottom, and 22 meters at the top. It is classified as a natural wonder.


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Day 1

Belgrade - Zlakuska (Terzića Avlija) - Potpeće Cave - Zlatibor

Departure from Belgrade in morning hours. A bus ride to the place Zlakuska, where we will visit a famous Ethno village called "Terzića Avlija". This place stands as a keeper of the tradition and customs of West Serbia. You will have the opportunity to see a typical rural household, a classroom from the 19th century, and tools which was used 100 years ago. 

Our next stop is the "Potpeće" Cave, which has the biggest entrance in Balkans. Explore the Hall under the dome, the Dragon Hall, the Cvijic Hall, and the Snow White and the seven dwarfs Hall.

Overnight at Zlatibor mountain. 

Day 2

Sargan 8 - Mećavnik - Stopić Cave - Sirogojno - Zlatibor

After breakfast we will catch a train. It's not just any train, it is the famous "Sargan 8". This is the most attractive tourist-museum railway in Europe, among the narrow gauge tracks. It is a masterpiece of world industrial heritage. The train passes through rocky seams and high plots between places Shargan and Mokra Gora. The route on which unusual paths have been made in the form of number 8, passengers will have the opportunity to see three tracks on the second level. Passing through the famous "eight" length of 13.5 km, travelers can't determine from which direction the train came and where it will go.

The next stop is Mećavnik, the city of famous movie director Emir Kusturica. This is a space that, at first glance, seems to be soured on the ground for hundreds of years. It is exciting to walk down the streets of Mećavnik at any time of the year because every corner offers a different pleasure and reveals something new. Streets carry the names of great artists, athletes, and all those who left their mark in the history of mankind.

Stopić Cave is located on the mountain Zlatibor. It is a very interesting tourist attraction because it abounds in underground rivers. Inside the cave, there is a waterfall called "The source of life". The first records of this cave date from the beginning of the 20th century. 

The museum Sirogojno has two main parts. The first is a set of houses that have preserved their original appearance and purpose, and they constitute a permanent museum setting formed in two golden-colored landscapes. The second group consists of houses that have preserved their original appearance, but their purpose has been changed, adapted to the tourist needs. There is a souvenir shop, cottages, apartment buildings, etc. This museum presents the testimony of the culture of living in the Zlatibor region in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Overnight in Zlatibor.

Day 3

Oplenac - Winery Tapos - Belgrade

In the heart of Sumadija, the rocky hill Oplenac rises in the vicinity of the town of Topola.  Standing at the four crossroads, this place preserves the tradition and culture of the Serbian people. With its fascinating dense forests, fertile soil, an abundance of the animal world, and purging with clean air, it draws special energy that everyone can feel.

One of the most important sights in Oplenac is St. George's Church, an imposing five-floor structure whose interior is painted with more than 40 million colored glass cubes with 15,000 different shades of colors. Only a few meters from the church of St. George is the house of King Peter I, which has been transformed into a unique exhibition space. Lovers of history and antiquity can enjoy viewing personal items, documents, and paintings of the Karađorđević dynasty, which have enormous social, historical, and cultural significance and value.

After this history road, we are heading to the famous Winery Tapos where you will have the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful landscape and taste the most delicious wines. 

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