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The doorway to the past Vol.2 is an unusual journey, that will take you to the mystical places of eastern Serbia. From the famous Viminacium, late lunch at the restaurant “Kapetan Misin breg”. And all the way to the medieval Manasija Monastery.

National Museum in Zajecar

National Museum in Zajecar is the home to over 800 interesting and valuable artifacts. Within the museum are several departments. Archaeological, Historical, Ethnological, Department of Art History, and the Department of Documentation.

New Doorway to the Past - Serbian Archeaology Tour - Serbia, Balkan -

Rtanj Mountain

The magnificent mountain Rtanj is the most mysterious place in Europe. It is also the world’s largest natural pyramid, which many says has not been sufficiently explored. There have been various traditions and legends related to Rtanj. And they have always attracted the unusual attention of people who lived in their surroundings.

For instance, legends like one of the hidden treasures deep inside the mountain. The secrets of aliens as well as glowing spheres with power. The stories of the positive energy. Also the amazing beauty, perfect geometric shape, and medicinal herbs that grow only on its slopes. All of this makes Rtanj a mysterious part of nature, whose secrets have not yet been discovered.




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Day 1

Belgrade – Viminacium – Golubac – Lepenski Vir – Kapetan Misin Breg

Departure from Belgrade in the morning hours. 

Bus drive to the Viminacium Archaeological Park where we will get acquainted with the ancient culture. There we will have the opportunity to see a million years old mammoth skeleton. Up to now, 14,000 graves have been excavated at the site of this Roman city and 50,000 objects have been discovered, 1,000 of them are made of gold.

The next stop is the Golubac fortress. This fortress is situated at the very entrance of the "Djerdap" Gorge, which is known also as the Iron Gates, on the section where the Danube River is widest. 

Our next stop is "Lepenski Vir". This is a spectacular archaeological site in Serbia that is the "cradle of Europe". Lepenski Vir is also the name of a great source in the middle of the Danube, near the Đerdap gorge, called the Iron Gate, which was formed by winds during a mighty and fast river through the southern slopes of the Carpathians.

Lepenski Vir is a Mesozoic archaeological complex, which means it dates from the Middle Stone Age. It was inhabited by the first cattle in Europe about 8000 years BC, after the melting of huge ice glaciers covering most of the northern hemisphere, when the climate became warmer.

Lunch in the eco-ethno complex “Kapetan Mišin breg” While enjoying a beautiful view of the Djerdap gorge complemented by culinary specialties and the sounds of wooden flutes, you can listen to a story about the history. Within the compound, you will find an open-air gallery called “Man, wood, water,” which is a collection of sculptures made of wood and stone as well as a wine museum. 

Day 2

Zajecar - Felix Romuliana - Rtanj mountain

Today's territory of Zajecar was inhabited in the prehistoric era and it is well known that the Tribal, Mezi, and Timahi lived there, and the Slavs, who settled this area as a formed and repurified group from Bulgaria, called themselves Timočani. We will visit the National Museum in Zajecar, 

The remains of the imperial palace - Felix Romuliana a,  dating from the 4th century BC - are a testament to the rulers of the Roman Empire in this area. It is under the protection of UNESCO.

To be able to feel the magic that nature has unselfishly given to mountain Rtanj, it is best to walk through its paths, to climb to the highest peak of "Pointer" and enjoy the incredible view.
The adventure that follows the walk and the tour of Rtanj is still priceless. Dense forests and stony areas and the abundance of medicinal herbs are what you can experience if you decide to meet this mountain. A glimpse of miles over and clear air, as a reward await you at the top.

Rtanj is also famous for endemic plants that grow only on this mountain and which are protected by law. The most famous is Rtanj tea (Saturea montana), which has many medicinal characteristisc.

Overnight at hotel "Balasevic".

Day 3

Manasija Monastery - Despotovac

Even if it is severely damaged, the paintings of the Manasija monastery belong to the highest ranges of medieval painting. From the preserved frescoes of the Monastery, the first great art is placed on the west wall of the main part of the church, where the portrait of despot Stefan is preserved - a tall red-haired ruler, dressed in a ceremonial dress decorated with the white double-headed eagle, holding the model of his endowment, Christ and the angels donate him to the sword. 

Manasija is one of the most important monuments of Serbian medieval culture and stylistically belongs to the so-called "Moravian school". 

The model park is a unique tourist offer, not only the municipality of Despotovac but also all of Serbia. It is located on the road towards the Resavska cave, on the left side of the regional road and the current setting is medieval Serbian monasteries, made in scale 1:17 concerning real-estate objects. The models were made as a perfect copy of the churches in reality.

Departure to Belgrade. 

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