Outspoken, adventurous, proud and audacious: Belgrade is by no means a ‘pretty’ capital, but its gritty exuberance makes it one of the most happening cities in Europe. While it hurtles towards a brighter future, its chaotic past unfolds before your eyes.

Grandiose coffee houses and smoky dives all find rightful place along Knez Mihailova, a lively pedestrian boulevard flanked by historical buildings all the way to the ancient Kalemegdan Citadel. The riverside Savamala quarter has gone from ruin to resurrection, and is the city’s creative headquarters. Deeper in Belgrade’s bowels are museums guarding the cultural, religious and military heritage of the country. ‘Belgrade’ translates as ‘White City’, but Serbia’s capital is red hot.

Socialist blocks are squeezed between art nouveau masterpieces, and remnants of the Habsburg legacy contrast with Ottoman relics. This is where the Sava River meets the Danube, contemplative parkland nudges hectic urban sprawl, and old-world culture gives way to new-world nightlife.

You will never really get to know Serbian culture and feel country’s spirit until you put yourself in local’s shoes! Live through local routine – every day essentials: chitchat over most quality coffee in charming coffee bar, warming smell of fresh bread in the local bakery, buzzy bazaar with friendly market men letting you try their products… Test if you are a sweet tooth in a pastry-shop and find out how Balkan haute cuisine tastes like!

Follow your guide on a sweet-n-sour tour around Belgrade: we guarantee to whet your appetite with mouthful of delicious tastes, curious stories and traditional experience of a local! Find out where your food comes from, how coffee may help you get married, enjoy the irresistible 8-course menu featuring ingenious team of New Balkan Cuisine and feel yourself the cream of the crop!


Known as the capital of good parties of the Balkans, people all over Europe come to Belgrade only to experience his unique and exciting nightlife. But Belgrade is much more than a city of entertainment. Its lush history, diverse culture and the whole lifestyle will surely leave a long-lasting impression if you choose to visit it. Here are just a few reasons to do just that:

The first thing you will hear about Belgrade is an incredible night outing. It’s different, exciting, highly diversified and quite affordable. Whether you are interested in nightclubs, taverns or pubs, Belgrade will definitely answer you. There is a huge number of places at your disposal to choose what you like most, so if it’s the reason for your arrival, you will definitely not be disappointed.

When you take a walk in the center of Belgrade, architecture will definitely attract you attention. Large buildings and palaces built in the second half of the 19th century are now interesting restaurants, cafes and bookstores together with shops of famous brands and many other companies. It creates an exciting and vibrant atmosphere, especially in the winter, when the whole city is greeted with a festive spirit that is truly magical. Another interesting part of Belgrade, mostly due to its brutal socialist architecture, is Novi Beograd.

Yugoslavia has left a unique cultural heritage in the Balkans that is still present and can be felt in all its former republics. After its disintegration, its central republic of Serbia preserved the most part of the heritage, and so the remains most feel right here. Many different cultures left their mark on Belgrade and helped create its enchanting landscape that we see today. The Belgrade Fortress on Kalemegdan is the best example of this. Once the Romans used it for the first time as a garrison, it was conquered, destroyed and built over again, and the traces of these struggles can be seen even day.

Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe and has a rich cultural and historical heritage. According to the Institute for the Protection of Monuments of the City, 333 cultural properties were established in the city, 296 monuments and 21 archaeological sites. The highest concentration of sights that are especially interesting to tourists is found in the narrowest area of ​​the city, such as Kalemegdan Fortress, St. Sava Temple, the Royal Palace on Dedinje and others.

Cultural events give a special emperor to Belgrade, such as Belgrade International Theatre Festival, music festival, FEST film festival, summer festival BELEF, book fair and Beer fest. Tourists can enjoy the cultural contents of numerous galleries and museums, as well as street events that take place throughout the year.

You cannot fully understand a new country or city if you didn’t participate in local routine and daily rituals. If you didn’t taste products and food, either typical for that destination or those which represent new trends in local cuisine, you are not able to think you have learned it all!  After just one visit you will feel yourself more of a Serbian Expert!

In Belgrade, you can try a variety of food from almost all parts of the world. There are fast food stands at every corner, so you can eat a pizza slice or a grill. Be sure to check out the oldest traditional pastry shop in Dorcol quarter. It is a chance to try sweets that will demonstrate a rich Balkan heritage: Serbian basis with influences of Oriental and European cuisine.

You can eat in elegant restaurants, serving traditional dishes from China, Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, Greece, India, etc. Of course, you can always eat in global restaurants such as McDonald’s and KFC, or try sausages at local pub.

Take a walk on Republic Square in Belgrade’s downtown. First you can start with a morning coffee in a local charming café in famous Dorćol quarter (also, the Starbucks has been open recently). Coffee drinking is a ritual for locals that lets them enjoy a cup of energizing coffee and dynamic chitchat. At the coffee bar you will enjoy some good quality coffee prepared in Serbian manner and, in case you like it, purchase some for warming memories!

Here you will hear story how coffee was brought to Belgrade and how this ritual became a solution for every private or business challenge. After getting a dose of caffeine you will be ready to research one of the oldest green markets in Belgrade, known as Bajloni market even though its official name is Skadarska Market. On the way to market, you will stop by in a bakery to purchase some bruschetta for upcoming cheese-tasting on the market.

By the way, it’s almost unforgivable to miss the bakery, that “holy place” for Serbs who are big fans of bread and pastry! When you get to the Bajloni market, you will feel the taste of rural Belgrade: villages where these dairy products are produced and where the fresh vegetables and fruits are grown. Markets in Belgrade are kinda live social networks where you can get well informed about all daily happenings.

After you have learned the basics, you are ready for the “main star”: new hot places in gastronomic stage of Belgrade –  restaurants whose menu represents the synergy of traditional grown groceries (cereals, vegetables, fruits and dairy products), new technologies of preparation and unique form of presentation. Here you can enjoy your lunch enriched with chef’s story about ingredients and preparation. It is quite an experience letting you learn about new trends in organic agriculture and development of national cuisine. After the lunch you will better understand rhythm of Belgrade. Upon this exciting tasting the guide will help you find your way around the city or your accommodation.

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